Meet Academic Advisor, Jeremi Weidner

Samantha Toth conducted the following interview with Academic Advisor Jeremi Weidner. 

  • What is your explanation of the job title "academic advisor"? (Do you think there is more to it / other things you do that people don't realize?)
As an academic advisor, I help students select courses that will guide them to complete their desired major. As for me, I advise many students who do not have a declared major, so it is my job to assist them in selecting Kent Core classes that will be beneficial to them once they select a major. 
Jeremi Weidner
  • The students you work with: do you work with all levels (freshman, sophomore, etc), and are there certain majors that fit into your area of expertise?

I deal with CCP students and all levels of graduates for Associates and Bachelors's programs. I do advise for Education majors or Nursing majors, but I do advise for those pre-majors. This means that I can get them started on the path until they are accepted into the program. I have majors that I love to advise for. I love the Business Degree Programs, I love the CCP and pre-majors, and I enjoy the Psychology and Criminology majors. The AAB for Business Management and for Information Technology is amazing as well as the BBA for Business Administration – Business Management. I am not strong in Technical and Applied Studies, but that major is covered by Courtney who is gracious enough to answer all of my questions.

  • If you had to guess, how many students do you see on average per semester?

If I had to guess I would say between 500 and 600, but I am including CCP and other students.

  • Did you attend college? If so, what did you study? How did you find yourself in this career?

I did attend Kent State University for my Bachelor's Degree Program in Communication. My background is in Corporate Training and I do that at Conventions. I think that I chose to become an advisor because I had an amazing Advisor for College who dedicated her time to my success. She is still in the Kent State System and is one of my favorite humans.

  • Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

Outside of work I invest in business ventures, I play with my dogs, and I enjoy traveling. Right now my travel has been limited to properties that I own and virtual travel online.

  • Any advice to students who are unsure about their career path / do not know exactly what they want to do after graduation? 

Pick out a couple of areas of interest, meet with professionals in those areas, then job shadow them. Not just once, multiple times with multiple people. You have no idea if you will like the job until you see all aspects of it, the good and the bad. I also suggest joining LinkedIn and communicating with people in your desired field. You can set up Virtual Information Interviews to see if you would like that job. Pick something that you will want to do for years, and don’t base it on just money. Finally, I suggest picking a career that YOU want. Do not pick the major based on what your friends or family want you to do. You are the one who will be working that job.

POSTED: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 1:43pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 1:44pm
Samantha Toth