Time Management Tips from Vladis

Managing your time as a college student is very important to keep oneself organized and feeling less stressed. College life is a big part for many students, and everyone settles in differently with their work styles. In my daily I am very involved with different activities and I have to make sure that I can make time for all my work to be done and also have some free time for myself. I have an agenda and also wall calendar that I list everything that I need to do throughout the week. My agenda is mostly for school on the daily assignments that I need to get done for my classes but my wall calendar I use to write the dates of my exams, and also days I have to work at my job. This way I am able to know what was going on throughout my day. I also have other responsibilities of doing chores throughout the house and helping my younger siblings with homework if they needed it. But also, most important is giving myself some free time.
Vladis Alimova studying

I make sure to schedule assignments and studying throughout the week so that during the weekends when I have work, I don’t have worry about missing any assignments. On Sundays I write in my agenda all of the assignments that will due every day and I try to get every assignment completed on the first day it is assigned and then I check it off. If I get all my assignments completed, I start studying for exams that could be in a couple of weeks to be fully prepared. Even though it looks like I might only be doing schoolwork all day, I give myself breaks to do little things. Such as if I completed half of my assignments that are due in the next couple of days I practice playing my guitar. Doing homework really drains a person and doing little hobbies like drawing or playing an instrument or even just watching an episode of your favorite show will really benefit you.

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POSTED: Friday, February 5, 2021 - 8:44am
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