Technical and Applied Studies (B.T.A.S.)

Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (B.T.A.S.)

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies degree is designed both for students beginning their academic study and for students with an associate degree or college-level coursework. 

  • The program accommodates varied educational backgrounds, develops competencies needed for success in a variety of work settings and offers major courses in schedules attractive to traditional students and to time-and place-bound adults.
  • Students construct a meaningful plan for using the curriculum to explore and prepare for their preferred futures by completing a cornerstone course.
  • A capstone course features a synthesizing of learning focused on foundational competencies and developing an electronic portfolio. This enables students to collect artifacts of their learning, which can be used to advance their careers.
  • The stand-alone major offers a flexible and robust core of skills/knowledge-based courses, which bridge multiple disciplines in multiple colleges.

The Technical and Applied Studies major includes the following optional concentrations:

  • The Applied Business concentration is an option for associate degree graduates or students with a business background who choose not to pursue the B.B.A degree, or for students who would like to gain knowledge about financial management, customer service, strategic management, labor students and leadership. The concentration includes a practicum.
  • The Fraud Examination concentration prepares students with a business background to work in the field of detection and prevention of financial fraud and abuse in a company, including understanding ethical dilemmas and applying ethical principles to prevent occupational/financial fraud. This concentration also allows students to review and analyze past and current issues of fraud cases.
  • The Nonprofit-Human Services concentration provides students with the knowledge and competencies in areas such as grant writing and fundraising, mission and vision, advocacy and lobbying, risk management, board committee development, program planning, leadership and ethics, human resource development, youth and adult development, marketing, financial management, and nonprofit management.

Students may also declare the Technical and Applied Studies major with no concentration.

This Program is Right for You If

  • You have some college credit in a concentrated area.
  • You have an applied associate degree.
  • You have a desire to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to move from a technical role into a supervisory position.

This Program will Teach You

  • Demonstrated skills in computer literacy, critical thinking, information literacy, and leadership
  • Civic engagement, diversity/internationalization, ethics and self-management
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Mathematic competencies