Campus Safety Contact Column

Stark Contact

James Biehl
James Biehl

Public Safety Manager
117A Main Hall

Security Officers

(left to right in top photo)

  • Dave Scherer, Supervisor
  • Anthony Philpott
  • Greg Gillis
  • Mike Cummins
  • Randy Riffle

Security Escorts

Campus Security will escort students, visitors, faculty and staff to their classes or vehicles when requested. To request an escort, call 53333 or 330-244-3333.

Call Campus Security

Call Campus Security at 330-244-3333 in the event of:

  • Suspicious persons or activities
  • Automobile accidents
  • Illness or Injuries
  • Security escort requests to your car or campus buildings
  • Jump start your car
  • Unlock your car as long as your car is registered with Campus Security
  • Anytime you need assistance

Safety Tips

  • Make note of Emergency Phone locations in parking lots and buildings.
  • Know your tornado shelters and fire exit locations for each classroom.
  • Upon a fire evacuation, move far away from the building to make room for first responders.
  • When walking, pay attention to people and traffic.
  • Smartphone use while walking causes trips, falls and walks into walls.
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended! Use the hooks in the restroom stalls to hang your items out of reach.
  • Utilize Campus Security for escorts to your car or buildings, or walk with a buddy.