Educators Conference

Kent State University at Stark is hosting a free conference for local educators focusing on ethical citizenship.

Ethical Citizenship and its Place in Contemporary Classrooms
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023
11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
|  Check-in begins at 11 a.m. 
Conference Center
Kent State University at Stark
6000 Frank Avenue NW  
|  North Canton OH 44720

Ethical citizenship (EC) is active, informed, and participatory citizenship which displays an ethical self-awareness of one’s role in the community and the interplay between how we act on the community and the community acts on us (Basio & Schattle, 2021; NCSS, 2013).

Furthermore, EC requires cross-cultural empathy, a sense of responsibility to the common good, and a willingness to vocalize and act when issues arise which threaten humanities collective well-being (Basio & Schattle, 2021; Schattle, 2008; Young, 2008).

Participants will examine how to understand, educate for, enact and be an overall ethical citizen. Content experts will each host unique sessions on classroom applications of ethical citizenship and will focus on topics such as education, ethics, politics and philosophy.


Ethical Citizenship as Content and Pedagogy in Public School Classrooms
Dr. Todd Hawley

  • This session will focus on the intersection of ethical citizenship as both a strategy and content. 
  • Todd S. Hawley is a Professor of Social Studies Teacher Education and Coordinator for Social Studies Education at Kent State University. Todd works to support classroom teachers as professionals and to change the national narrative that schools and teachers are failing.

You Might Be a _____ if _____: Exploring Identity in the Classroom
Dr. Alexis Baker

  • This session offers a non-judgmental way for teachers to encourage students to explore definitions and identity. The session suggests an exercise where students explore (and perhaps expand) preconceived notions about identity groups through the lens of ethical citizenship. 
  • Alexis Baker teaches English and Women’s Studies at Kent State University at Stark. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Kent State University and is delighted to teach for her alma mater. She has been an educator for more than 20 years and cherishes her time in the classroom. 

Ethics in Community: Ethical Mentorship, Service Learning, and Educating Future Voters
Dr. Robin Shura

  • This session will explore ideas and practices for educators that promote ethical citizenship across three specific areas of relationship in community: 1) how to cultivate the mentorship relationship between educator and student, 2) how to develop and implement curriculum-relevant service-learning projects, and 3) how to encourage and educate future voters.
  • Robin Shura is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Kent State University at Stark, with research and teaching specialties in areas that include inequalities in aging, health, health care, and children’s rights. 

Facts Alone Can't Fix Anything: Philosophical Training and Ethical Citizenship
Dr. Kim Garchar

  • This session will investigate the difference between echo chambers and epistemic bubbles, the power of facts (which is not as great as it might first appear) and how we need a training in philosophy to participate in deliberative democracy and flourish as ethical citizens.
  • Kim Garchar is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Undergraduate Program Coordinator at Kent State University, and Affiliated Faculty at Northeast Ohio Medical University. Her areas of specialization include clinical ethics, ethical theory, feminist philosophy, and American Pragmatism.


Attendees will receive:

  • A complimentary lunch
  • 5 contact hours
  • Classroom materials
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues across multiple academic levels


Stark Community Foundation  
This conference has been made possible by a generous grant from the Lykeion Fund. 


Dr. Matthew Hollstein
Associate Professor
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies
Kent State University at Stark

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