Faculty Speaker Series Proposal Column


The Speakers Committee is accepting proposals for the new faculty speaker series focused on faculty research and teaching interests. The committee hopes to bring one speaker to campus in the fall and one in the spring.

Budget: $5,000

Ideal speakers will have interdisciplinary appeal and may be willing to visit classrooms for informal conversations, as well as give a more formal talk open to the campus community.

Before submitting a proposal, please do the following:

  • Contact the proposed speaker to ensure availability and to determine what the speaker's fees and other expenses would be involved in bringing the speaker to campus.
  • Contact other faculty members whose research or teaching interests might also be related to the speaker's field of experience. Proposals that can demonstrate broad faculty support will be given preference.
  • Determine what other funding sources might be available to help support the speaker's visit to campus (such as URC), especially if you wish to bring in a speaker beyond our local area.
  • Be prepared to write a rationale for bringing this speaker to campus that includes:
    • an overview of the person's work
    • the value for our faculty and potentially our students
    • demonstrated interest and support from other faculty
    • the type of talk/presentation/class visits that you envision
  • Be prepared to help host the speaker and lend a hand with arrangements.

Contact Committee to Submit Proposal

Scott Tobias (Chair)
Matthew Hollstein
Keith Lloyd
Paul Sommer
Lisa Waite