Human Development & Family Studies

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) is the study of how people develop physically, emotionally and socially within the context of the family and society.

HDFS offers an interdisciplinary approach to individual and family development across the lifespan. Kent State's program focuses on child and adolescent development, adult development and aging, biological aspects of human development, family studies, intervention research, and developmental research methods. Students in HDFS will learn about the stages of development from infancy to adulthood, how to promote healthy family development, diversity and many other skills!

The Human Development & Family Studies major comprises of six concentrations: Case Management for Individuals and Families, Child and Youth Development, Family Life Education, Gerontology, Nursing Home Administration and Human Services (for associate degree earners).

The Nursing Home Administration concentration is accredited by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).


Other HDFS Concentrations - Finish at the Kent or Salem Campuses

The foundation courses for the HDFS concentrations, as well as the Kent Core Requirements, are available at Kent State Stark, but these concentrations will be completed at the Kent or Salem campuses.