CCP Program Coordinator Delivers Message of Hope

Dear Stark County high school seniors,

This is not how you wanted your senior year to end.

You deserved last dances at the prom, championship tournaments and walking with your class to the timeless sound of “Pomp and Circumstance”. But as our circumstances would have it, those celebratory marches, game-winning shots and slow songs aren’t to be.

Still, we at Kent State University at Stark cheer you on because you are a resilient bunch. You were just babies on 9/11, just little kids when the Great Recession had an impact on many families, and now, you are making big sacrifices for the safety of others during a global health crisis.

One day, we’ll look back on this moment as a pivotal one – when your generation sacrificed much for the greater good.

When I was a senior in high school, I looked forward to the little things, like my school’s senior breakfast that took place annually the Friday before graduation. We celebrated with alumni, family and friends during what would be our last time in the school before we received our diplomas. It was a beautiful send-off.

I know this is not the senior year you’d imagined; these are not the moments that make you feel like your time in high school is coming to a close. Still, every day, I am inspired by the new and creative ways that you are celebrating life’s big moments using Zoom, FaceTime and even old-fashioned telephone calls. And while you may be missing the milestones that define a senior year, no circumstance can take away the undeniable achievements that make you so special.

I love my role in the College Credit Plus program because I get to witness our students as they grow and challenge themselves. Thank you for participating in CCP at Kent State Stark and making it an important part of your high school experience.

As Your Hometown University, Kent State University at Stark wants you to know that we are thinking of you! We are celebrating you, and we are here to help.

We would love to see you continue with us in the fall. You might want to start one of our major programs, such as Nursing, Middle Childhood Education, Business Management, Music Technology or Computer Science, that can be completed entirely at Kent State Stark. Or maybe, you’d just like to stay close to home for your freshman year of college.

During these uncertain times, you can find certainty in knowing that you have a world-class, affordable public university in your backyard, close to the safety of home with local professors who care. Right now, we are waiving application fees, along with ACT/SAT requirements for fall 2020 admission. Apply today at Make sure to click “Apply as a New Freshman” to qualify for freshman scholarships.

We are Kent State Stark Strong, and we are here for all of you!

We believe in a brighter future, together!

Elizabeth Ohlin, M.Ed.
Academic Program Coordinator, College Credit Plus
Kent State University at Stark

POSTED: Friday, April 17, 2020 11:37 AM
UPDATED: Sunday, June 23, 2024 12:35 PM
Kent State University at Stark