Kent State University at Stark Faculty Receive Teaching Honors

Distinguished Teaching Award & Award of Distinction Announced

Kent State University at Stark proudly announces the recipient and finalists of the 2015-16 Distinguished Teaching Award and the recipient of the Award of Distinction. The faculty members were recognized during the Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony, which took place on May 13 at Umstattd Performing Arts Hall in Canton.

This year’s recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award, a tribute which is presented to full-time Kent State Stark professors, is Matthew Lehnert, Ph.D, an assistant professor of biological sciences. Lehnert holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Central Michigan University, a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in entomology from the University of Florida.

Included in the nominations submitted for Lehnert, one student wrote, “Dr. Lehnert is very easy to speak with and always takes the time to answer any questions, even if it doesn’t fit within his scheduled times, office hours, or if it interrupts his research. If you stop him in the hallway and ask him a question from a class you are taking with another professor, he will take the time to explain it in terms you can understand. If Dr. Lehnert could have ten of himself, it still wouldn’t satisfy his urge to continue learning and experiencing new things.”

The finalists for the Distinguished Teaching Award are Lisa Waite, M.A, senior lecturer in communication studies and James Seelye, Ph.D., assistant professor of history.

The recipient of the Award of Distinction, an honor presented to part-time Stark Campus faculty, is Eugene Guiley, M.S., instructor of mathematics. A resident of Louisville, he earned both his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and chemistry from Malone College and a master’s degree in secondary education and mathematics from the University of Akron.

A student’s nomination for Guiley stated, “Math is a hard subject for many students, but Mr. Guiley works continuously to make sure that everyone “gets it.” He makes it a point to know everyone’s name. He keeps his students engaged and motivates his students by being organized, positive and upbeat. He connects math to how we use it in our daily lives and he makes time to answer questions. Mr. Guiley really cares about his students.”

A selected committee, consisting of representatives of the Kent State Stark faculty and students, chose the recipients and finalists for these awards, after thorough examination of the nominations submitted by members of the campus community. Each finalist met the needed criteria, which consisted of being an instructor at Kent State Stark; having comprehensive knowledge of his or her field; being effective in organizing and presenting classroom material; having the ability to stimulate thinking and develop the students’ understanding; demonstrating resourcefulness; being able to arouse student interest; and having concern for students.

For more information on the Distinguished Teaching Award and Award of Distinction recipients and finalists, view or contact Tina Biasella at 330-244-3292 or

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