Faculty Services & Test Proctoring

The Office of the Assistant Dean provides test proctoring to faculty whose schedule or class format does not allow them to provide alternate testing to students.  Please note that when you are considering testing deadlines, the proctoring service has very limited testing times.

Types of situations that qualify for test proctoring are:

  • Personal emergencies that prohibit students from taking their exam in the classroom and for which a faculty member cannot schedule an alternate time due to schedule conflicts.
  • Enrollment in an online course where the instructor is located at a different Kent campus location.
  • Students registered with the Office of Student Accessibility Services who have a testing accommodation from that office.

If a student fails to take a proctored test in the allotted time period, or cancels a scheduled testing appointment, the test will be returned to the instructor. It will then be the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor about the issue. 

In order to schedule a proctored exam, students will need to:

  •     Present a photo ID
  •     Know their professor's name and course information

The Office of the Assistant Dean strives to maintain academic integrity during testing and does not allow students to take breaks during testing.  Also, cell phones, back packs and drink bottles are not permitted in the testing room.

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