We are looking forward to hosting you and your students at District 13 Science Day. Student and Team project presentations to district judges will be in-person and will be a computer-based or tri-fold presentation.

Project Registration

The Ohio Academy of Science requires ProjectBoard for registration and for submission of projects. ProjectBoard is free and provided by the Ohio Academy of Science. ProjectBoard is used for District and State Science Days so posting student projects here from the start will streamline the process.

Project Board
Teachers should create a ProjectBoard account, create a classroom and provide the classroom link to their students. This will allow teachers to use ProjectBoard to supervise/mentor their students from the very beginning of project planning.

Please start early. All students are encouraged to start and complete their Science Project using the rubrics, guidance and forms provided in ProjectBoard.

Ohio Academy of Science Teacher Materials ISEF Forms

ProjectBoard Teacher Resources

What to Bring

Your students are being asked to bring the following to District 13 Science Day: 

  • Electronic device or trifold used to present research (fully charged) 

  • Charging cord or device 

  • At least one parent or guardian (only students are allowed in the judging area) 

  • The Flash Bistro and vending machines are available to purchase food and beverages, but feel free to bring snacks and beverages of your own.

Judge Registration

We appreciate everything you do for your students and would welcome your support as a District Judge as well. 

Judge Registration

How to Register Through ProjectBoard


Please contact tuscscienceday@kent.edu for additional information.