Acceptable Use Policy

The Geauga Campus Computer Labs are provided so that all students can make use of the latest computer technologies for everything from typing papers to research areas of interest on the Internet. The staff is here to answer any questions you might have concerning the wide variety of available applications. Because of the sheer power and flexibility offered by these applications and the connection to the World Wide Web, everyone must be aware that they have to use these resources responsibly.

  1. The labs are visited regularly by students and faculty, and please clean up after yourself. 
  2. The public display of pornography is illegal and may result in expulsion from Kent State University. To protect yourself, avoid displaying pictures that those around you may consider inappropriate. 
  3. Multiple computer labs are located at the Geauga Campus and the Twinsburg Academic Center.  We ask that you limit your computer use to school-related activities. Do not install any software, including games, chat programs, browsers, etc., on any campus computers. You must have written permission from the computer center manager to install or delete ANY software from any Kent State University computer. 
  4. To protect the thousands of dollars of equipment, we insist that no food or drink be brought into the lab. 
  5. Be courteous. Sometimes a line may form to use the computers; do not cut ahead or bypass the line. 
  6. Report any problems to Network Manager or one of the Network Services Support Staff. Report any intentional or accidental access to secured areas of the network. Having knowledge of such activity and not reporting it makes you an accessory to the act and is punishable at the same level. 
  7. Do NOT send e-mail chain letters.
  8. No harassing or threatening e-mail of any kind will be permitted. This behavior is considered illegal and punishable by law. 
  9. Distribution of illegal or copyrighted materials is prohibited.  Downloading copyrighted materials include music, movies, graphics, and content, is also forbidden, as is making copies of these materials. 
  10. Mass e-mail may not be sent without permission. Doing so may result in revocation of your e-mail account. 
  11. The hardware in the computer labs is positioned in such a way as to support a lab environment.  Do not change the orientation of the equipment, including monitors, mice, and keyboards! 

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that everyone will continue to have full access to all the applications and options that computers can offer today.

Access to the "the Network" including all labs, hardware, software, and peripherals at Kent State University Geauga, is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for breaching security; intentionally breaking or disabling equipment; hooking up external devices, without express permission; copying or installing software to/from Kent State University Geauga computers; using a fictitious login or using someone else's login; trying to gain access to restricted areas of the network; or in any way abusing or misusing access to computers, peripherals, or the network. Many of the above offenses will result in expulsion from Kent State University. The above list is to act as a guideline. It is not intended to be all-inclusive - other behaviors may be considered inappropriate and may be punishable - when in doubt, ask the Computer Center Manager or other IT staff.  To protect yourself, do not engage in any improper activities and report any suspicious activities for investigation.  

This policy is in addition to Kent State University Policy #3342-5-41, and any other policies related to technology, e-mail, and student conduct.