Meet CCP Student, Isra Shaikh

My name is Isra Shaikh, and I’m a CCP (college credit plus) student at the Kent State Geauga/Twinsburg campus. I’m currently a freshman in high school taking college courses through OHVA (Ohio Virtual Academy). At the moment, I’m not thinking too much about what I’d like to major in. I’m looking to complete my core requirements before I take any specific courses related to my prospective degree. But, since it’s relatively essential to have some idea, I’m thinking about exploring the field of psychology. It is quite an expansive field, so I narrowed my interests down to criminology. This is still a very tentative idea, and I’m focusing on my courses now rather than my future plans.

I chose to take my courses at KSUGTAC because my siblings had taken courses there too, and they held lots of praise for certain professors and courses. Every course I’m participating in this semester was recommended to me by my siblings, and I’m glad to say that I thoroughly enjoy attending these classes. I chose this campus, as opposed to the main campus (and other regional campuses), because I appreciated the individual attention certain professors give their students, and the time they allocate to assisting their students.
Isra Hikinh

Unfortunately, I’m not involved in any student organizations. But I am quite eager to explore the options once the current global situation subsides. Thankfully, I have several interests that can keep me occupied in the meantime. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and it's been a hobby of mine for many years (although I wasn’t always proficient at writing). And when I’m not neck-deep in assignments, I’m usually reading a book. I have also tried my hand at cooking/baking. According to my family, I’m halfway decent at it. If not for the situation with COVID-19, I would be going on hikes, bouldering, longboarding, spending time looking for books to read, or intensely studying for school. With classes being online, I have more than enough time to explore different interests, which is something I have been meaning to do but can’t seem to ever get around to doing it. Although I was initially disappointed about classes operating virtually, I learned to enjoy the free time I have on my hands, and that I can spend it at home. It helps that I don’t need to go out in the cold for early morning classes. I’m looking forward to taking more courses, and to explore the plethora of opportunities provided by Kent State University.     

POSTED: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 8:21am
UPDATED: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 8:22am
Isra Shaikh