Effective May 18, 2020:
To slow transmission of COVID-19 and remain consistent with recommendations from state health authorities to practice physical distancing, all Kent State University campuses are closed until further notice.

As a result, the Kent State Stark Writing Center is closed and all tutoring services are suspended for the summer. However, Kent State students have access to free online writing tutoring through the Ohio Collaborative eTutoring Network.

Make the Most of Email with eTutoring

Do you find it impossible to come to the Writing Center due to class, work or family obligations? We still may be able to help you. The Writing Center also offers eTutoring via email. Using email, you and a Writing Center tutor can work to clarify your focus and ideas, develop a sense of purpose and audience for your writing and systematically revise your papers. Tutors can help you at any stage in the writing process. 

eTutoring is free and available to all enrolled Kent State Stark students.

Writing Center Tutors assist with

  • Defining assignment requirements
  • Brainstorming ideas for writing
  • Discovering your purpose, thesis, and audience
  • Strategies for researching and drafting your papers
  • Developing ideas for further expanding your drafts
  • Organizational, formatting, and documentation strategies
  • Revision strategies, and discuss subsequent drafts
  • Helping you become a stronger editor and proofreader of your own writing

Remember, your tutor can help you with your writing assignments, but he or she will not write or edit your papers for you. 

Response Expectations

You may submit your paper at any time. Tutors will respond during regular Writing Center hours. Tutors in the Center will check for incoming papers and respond to those papers during the hours they are scheduled to work. Because tutors are also busy with live sessions, you should allow plenty of time for a response, at least a day’s turnaround time. Papers received on Friday or late in the day may not receive responses until the next business day. Please plan accordingly.

  • Expect the tutor to respond with "higher order" questions regarding your draft such as topic, purpose, audience, thesis, development, organization, etc. The tutor will try to help you expand your thinking so that you can develop a stronger paper. Do not expect simple "fix-it directions" or corrections.  
  • Allow enough time for subsequent email exchanges to reflect upon and respond to the tutor's questions and to revise and submit additional drafts for further feedback. Tutors will not be able to help you with proofreading and other "lower order" concerns (grammar, spelling, documentation, etc.) until larger issues are resolved. eTutoring can not be completed successfully at the last minute. Never send papers less than 24 hours before they are due.

Get Started with eTutoring - Suspended

Step 1: Complete Student Profile

  • This form is required of any student using the Writing Center.
  • You are only required to complete this form one time per academic year.
  • Skip this step if you have already completed a Student Profile in-person or online.

Step 2: Complete Assignment Details & Upload Your Paper

  • This form details your assignment and the areas that you're having difficulty.
  • Complete this form each time you are submitting a paper to be reviewed, even if it is a revision.
  • You will upload your paper using this form.

Only Writing Center staff will have access to your email and submitted papers. Electronic and printed copes are kept in secure files.