Faculty Travel Policies & Procedures | Kent State University

Faculty Travel Policies & Procedures

The faculty travel fund covers travel to professional conferences, exhibitions and performances and is overseen by the Professional Activities Advisory Committee (PAAC).

PAAC makes recommendations to the associate dean who must approve and sign all requests for travel funds. The guidelines below apply to all full-time faculty, both TT (tenure-track or tenured) and NTT (non-tenure-track). Due to budgetary constraints adjunct faculty are currently not eligible for funding. 

A maximum of $1,500 will be allocated for each full-time faculty member during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). This maximum can be reimbursed for a single conference, performance or exhibition or for several smaller ones. 

Chautauqua workshops, workshops for continuing education credits and certifications, and other sorts of training workshops will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but should be directly related to teaching or research responsibilities. Travel funds for these sorts of activities will be taken out of your allocated yearly amount.

Travel approval requests are submitted electronically. We do not accept requests in any other format. 

Read Kent State's Travel Policy  (7-02.8)

Submit a Travel Approval Request

  • For travel approval + PAAC funding, go to the Travel Approval & PAAC Funding Request Form.
    For travel approval only, go to the Faculty Travel Approval Request Form.
  • Fill out the form(s) completely, following the instructions given in the form itself. If a field does not apply to your situation, please type in “NA.” All fields should be filled out. All allowable expenses should be included, even if they exceed the maximum amount that can ultimately be reimbursed.
  • The information you have provided on the form will be sent simultaneously to all members of PAAC.
  • Remember to submit documentation as requested on the respective forms. If you only have a hard copy of your acceptance letter, you will need to scan it to create a digital copy. The Dean's Office is no longer accepting hard copies. If there is a conference website that indicates that your paper is on the program, you can submit the URL of the site in lieu of an acceptance letter. If your PDF or the website link submitted is extensive, please note in your email where your documentation can be found (ie. date or page).

Travel Restrictions

  • During final exams week: As long as travel does not interfere with scheduled exams, it will be considered. If there is a conflict, travel will be approved only under unusual circumstances.
  • During any semester: Travel should be limited so that no more than one week's total of any class is missed.

When to Apply for Travel Approval

Requests must be submitted by the 15th day of the month preceding that in which the travel departure date will occur. For example, requests for travel beginning any time during the month of October should be submitted by September 15. You may apply for funding for a conference, performance or exhibition before you have received acceptance in order to meet the deadline. The final approval will be granted upon receipt of your acceptance. Requests submitted after the deadline will not be funded. Early requests are ALWAYS welcome.

Mileage, Meal Per Diems

  • View in FlashLine > Employee > Workflows > HR & Employee Workflows > Expense Reimbursement Workflow

Driving vs. Flying

Travelers are encouraged to compare all the costs associated with each mode of transportation and select the one that is the most cost effective. The reimbursement for use of a privately-owned vehicle will be paid at the lower of a mileage allowance or accumulated airfare by coach for all individuals on approved travel status traveling in a privately-owned vehicle.

When comparing costs, the Dean's Office will take into consideration the additional expenses flying would entail (car rental or public transportation, baggage fee, parking, etc.)  

Applicants may only apply for parking, per diem (meals or lodging) during the event timeline and for travel time to and from.

Membership or Submission Fees Reimbursement

Faculty travel funds do not cover membership or submission fees. Membership and submission fees cannot be included in the registration fee amount on a travel request.

Poster Printing Reimbursement

Faculty travel funds do not cover the costs associated with printing a poster. For poster printing expenses, please contact the Dean's Office.

Reimbursement for Travel Expenses upon Completion of Travel

Due to budget limits and processing procedures, it is recommended that expense reimbursement requests be filed within 4 months after travel. Because the fiscal year at Kent State University ends on June 30, expense reimbursements for travel during a given fiscal year must be filed by June 15 of that year.

  • Complete the reimbursement workflow in FlashLine > Employee > Workflows > HR & Employee Workflows > Expense Reimbursement Workflow 
  • Submit a PRINTOUT of the form and original receipts for air fare, hotels, parking, taxis, conference registration, etc., to the Dean's Office. Do not submit meal receipts; per diem rates will be used.
  • If you travel by car, please also submit printed driving directions of the travel route, including mileage.

How Rates of Reimbursement for Total Expenses are Determined

  • Travel within Ohio (one day only): For a one-day event with no lodging expenses in the state of Ohio, 50% of allowable expenses are reimbursed (per diem (meals or lodging) is not provided when there is no overnight stay due to IRS regulations). This rate applies regardless of the extent of your participation, that is, attendance, office holder, presenter.
  • Travel within Ohio (more than one day) AND travel out-of-state or country: For more than one day within Ohio with lodging expenses, and for all travel out-of-state or country, the following guidelines apply:
  • Attendance only = up to 45%
  • Office holder, convener, representative = up to 45%
  • Presentation of scholarly paper or poster, performance, exhibition = up to 90%
  • Exhibition expenses can include travel to deliver (or shipping charges to mail work) and install work, travel to attend exhibition opening and/or give an artist talk at the exhibition, and travel to dismantle (or shipping charges to mail back work) and return work. Performance expenses can include travel to rehearsals and performances.

The campus cannot provide funding for canceled trips or reimburse you before your trip has been completed. If a faculty member must cancel a trip for which a request has been made, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to seek refunds directly from the appropriate providers (e.g., conference organizers, airlines, hotels). Most providers have clear cancellation policies. If you travel in Ohio and stay at a hotel, you don't have to pay state taxes. Print the tax exempt form and give it to the hotel so they don't charge you state tax. This works for other purchases that would have state tax also. Other non-state sales taxes will be charged and reimbursed if appropriate.