• To bring together international educators and scholars to share ideas and experiences from diverse interdisciplinary perspectives on communication across cultures.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of scholarly research on issues relating to communication across language and culture.
  • To disseminate through monographs, journals and websites recent research and thinking on emerging issues relating to language and culture.
  • To bring different academic disciplines together to share theoretical insights and findings about communication across cultures.

In 1991, the conference changed its focus in several ways. It created an organization known as the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS) that is housed with the Intercultural Studies Institute at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. It also established its own journal of Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS) with Bates L. Hoffer (Trinity University) as its General Editor. Currently, Guo-Ming Chen (University of Rhode Island), L. Brooks Hill (Trinity University), Nobuyuki Honna (Aoyama University, Japan), and Robert N. St. Clair (University of Louisville) are the other members of that editorial team. In addition to creating an organization, the conference shifted its focus towards interdisciplinary models of communication across languages and cultures.