Sustainability Initiatives

Every day, more than 5,000 students, faculty, staff and community members step on the campus of Kent State University at Stark where the care of the environment is evident from the moment they arrive.

As one of the campus's seven core values to "respect and protect the campus green space and our region's ecological environment," Kent State Stark is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of campus operations and promoting environmental sustainability.

Our efforts to reduce our current carbon footprint and energy conservation projects include: 

Kent State Stark is a member of AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability for Higher Education.

Tree Campus USA
Kent State Stark has been named a Tree Campus USA University by the Tree Campus USA program sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Pond & Wetland Research Area
The pond, an original fixture of the farmland purchased by Kent State University in 1967, was re-established as an EPA-approved wetland research area in 2007. The update included the addition of indigenous plants and wildlife, along with a gazebo and walking path.

Recycling & Waste Minimization
As one of the largest recyclers in Stark County, the Kent State Stark community recycles more than 62 tons of paper, plastic, aluminum and glass each year, as reported by the Stark County Regional Planning Commission. Each campus office and public space has recycling containers.

Earth Day Celebration
Each year, Kent State Stark hosts a community Earth Day Celebration, a free, family-friendly afternoon filled with environmental educational activities, nature walks, games, crafts, mock fossil digs, entertainment and giveaways. Earth-friendly local partners join us to share ways in which we can all practice sustainability year-round.

Recycling of Small e-Waste Items
In partnership with Midwest Comtel the campus community can now deposit small, personal e-waste items in specially marked blue collection bins throughout campus. Small items such as CDs, DVDs, printer cartridges, cables, telephones, cell phones, laptops, batteries, chargers, MP3 players, GPS devices and tape players can be deposited. These smaller items are usually not thought to be recycled and are often tossed in the trash, ending up in local landfills where they can leach toxic chemicals and pollute groundwater.

Energy Conservation
Kent State Stark is presently working with The Brewer-Garrett Company, an Energy Service Company, under the auspices of Ohio House Bill 7 to implement Ohio House Bill 251 goals. HB 251 requires all Ohio state office buildings to achieve a 20% reduction in energy consumption by the year 2014 based upon 2004 baseline figures. When completed, this campus-wide design build energy conservation program will actually achieve a guaranteed 37% reduction in energy consumption at Kent State Stark.

Conference Center
The Conference Center at Kent State Stark has achieved Gold Tier status from the IACC, International Association of Conference Centers, for adoption of environmentally responsible practices in its business operations; and by continuous improvement of its management efforts; all with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact. As a Gold Tier venue, the Conference Center supports IACC’s environmental policy and joins with other members in striving for more sustainable, environmentally responsible industry policies and practices.

The Emporium uses enviroware™ products which contain an average of 21.8% pre-consumer recycled materials and 100% recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) making them green at the beginning and end of their lifecycle or more simply, two times green.