Writing Center Review Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions

The Writing Center Review, a writing-across-the curriculum journal that contains selected writing assignments by Kent State University at Stark students, is published each spring under the direction of the Writing Center Staff. The purpose of the Review is to highlight excellence in writing representing various disciplines at Kent State Stark, including Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Geology, History, Mathematics, Psychology, and Sociology, among others. These assignments then may be used in classrooms, in the Writing Center, and by individual students as guides for achieving excellence in writing. Although students are permitted to submit as many papers as they like, the Writing Center Review is only able to publish a maximum of one submission per author per edition.

If you are interested in submitting a writing assignment for consideration for publication in the next Writing Center Review, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select a piece of writing you like. This document must have been written for a spring, summer, or fall class during the previous calendar year.
  2. Ask a professor--either the professor who assigned the work or another professor with whom you work closely--to nominate your work for consideration. The professor needs to sign his/her name on the proper line of the form.
  3. Print one clean copy of the document, without your name anywhere on the document. Your title must be clearly stated on the first page.
  4. Make a disk copy of your document using Microsoft Word. No other programs will be accepted. Write your name, title of document, and phone number on the disk.
  5. Also, either obtain a copy of the original assignment or write down, in as much detail as possible, the guidelines of the assignment.
  6. Fill out a submission form, available online or in the Writing Center. Submissions with incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  7. Place submission form, clean paper copy, and disk copy of your submission in an envelope. Address envelope to the Writing Center in the Library. Place envelope in the fourth floor faculty mail box, or drop it off at the Writing Center in the Library.


Dr. Jay Sloan
Writing Center Director