For Faculty

Faculty advisors may receive awards of up to $3500 for projects that include undergraduates.

Please consider mentoring a student in a research/scholarship/creativity project.  The campus will give any student who has done research with a faculty mentor an opportunity to present their work at the Trumbull Campus Student Showcase for Research, Scholarship & Creativity, to take place Wednesday, APRIL 11, 2022.  All disciplines including arts and humanities are more than welcome.  Format can include posters, multimedia and live presentations.  Any other format will also be acceptable as long as we can work out the logistics.

 Such projects can help both the student and the campus by:

  • Adding to the student’s understanding of a discipline
  • Enhancing the student’s opportunities for employment or additional education
  • Helping the student develop good work skills and good life skills
  • Leading to in-depth study and engagement with an instructor, both of which have been shown to increase retention.

Dr. Laurie Hines
Honors College Coordinator
Assistant Professor