Past Years - Examples


Soraeya Loveland (First)
Plastics in the Oceans and their Effects on our Earth System
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Hacker

Samantha Lovesee (Second)
Does Personal Growth Mediate the Link Between Trauma Exposure and Mental Health?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Tomich

Dakota Smith (Third)
Does Procrastination Explain the Link between Stress and Worse Mental Health?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Tomich


Rilee Wilson (First)
The Impact of Covid-19 on Death and Mourning
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Niza Licuanan-Galela

Joshua Kent (Second)
Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Volcano Eruption and The Effects on Earth’s Dynamic Spheres
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Hacker

Morgan Diefenderfer (Third)
Does Deviation from a Balanced Time Perspective Immediate Social Anxiety and Mental Health (Link not available)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Tomich


Jasmine Hickey (First) 
Smoke & Mirrors: Are Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) Products Being Marketed to Influence Late Adolescents and Young Adults?
Faculty Mentor: Alice Colwell, MSN, CNE, RNC-NIC

Autumn Browning (Second)
Managing the Pandemic: A Comparison of Individuals During the Pandemic with Individuals Pre-Pandemic
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Patricia Tomich

MaKennah Eastman-Earl (Third)
Masks: Lifesavers or Hoax?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Valerie Cubon-Bell