Poster Templates

Please use these poster templates with regard to size (i.e., length and width) since this has been optimized for the Trumbull poster printer and poster boards used for the Student Showcase.

It is recommend that the overall layout, such as the location of the author information and general flow of the presentation be similar to the templates. Feel free to customize the section headings as best fits your project needs and the color schemes to your liking.

The Trumbull campus has a poster printer on-site and all faculty can use it at no cost! 

  • Faculty mentors should email the poster to Frank Lindsay ( and he will print the poster.
  • Be sure to use the poster template as a guide (box above), in particular for the SIZE of the poster so it will work with the poster printer and fit on the white boards used to mount the posters for the Showcase. 

Dr. Laurie Hines
Honors College Coordinator
Assistant Professor