2021 Virtual Student Conference

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Student Conference!

Denise A. Seachrist, Dean

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that…” begins one of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most beloved quotes that has stood the test of time and is certainly applicable to the challenges we’ve faced during this global pandemic.
Today, I welcome you to embrace a guiding light driving out darkness: The impressive work our students have steadfastly pursued in the name of academic excellence.
The 2021 Virtual Student Conference is a testament to the Flashes of brilliance that continue to shine bright: our dedicated students, faculty and the Hometown University we count on during these uncertain times.
We know that pursuing academic excellence doesn’t stop in times of crisis. On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, I am just so proud to witness the high level of commitment that has made this year’s Student Conference possible. These high-achieving students are role models to fellow classmates, and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your projects, theories, discoveries, and talents with us.

As the event sponsor, the Honors Program of Kent State University at Stark provides this forum for the campus community to not only celebrate students’ educational accomplishments, but also to learn from them.
I encourage you all to take the time to explore the students’ work, highlighted in this virtual format, and continue to ignite the commitment to academic pursuits that serves as our guiding light.

Denise A. Seachrist signature
Denise A. Seachrist, Ph.D.
Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
Kent State University at Stark


Thank you for supporting our students and their work in this virtual format for 2021.


Next year's Student Conference will be held on Friday, April 22, 2022.


Thank you to our moderators and judges:

  • Brad Shepherd
  • Laura Dolan
  • Mary Rooks
  • Hagan Whiteleather
  • Erin Hollenbaugh
  • Catherine Lentini
  • Sarah Schmidt
  • Greg Blundell
  • Lindsay Starkey
  • Greg Smith
  • Lyndy Beckley
  • Tanya Hrubik-Vulanovic
  • James Seelye
  • Matthew Lehnert
  • Claudia Gomez
  • Patrick Dillon
  • Jayne Moneysmith
  • Michelle Bagwell

Thank you to everyone who helped to choose the presenters, created and edited the program, helped to promote the conference on social media and created the virtual conference website.

  • Donovan Byler
  • Evangeline Pacific
  • Dustin Zellers
  • Lindsay Starkey
  • Brad Shepherd
  • Scott Tobias
  • Claudia Gomez
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Clarke Earley
  • Brielle Loughney
  • Julie Spotts