Faculty Council

Faculty Council is composed of faculty elected from and by the Kent State Stark faculty.

The purpose of the Faculty Council is to advise and recommend on all faculty matters to the campus dean.

2019-20 Council Representatives

I: ARTS & HUMANITIES | StarkFacArtHM [at] listserv.kent.edu
Sebastian Birch | sbirch [at] kent.edu
Leslie Heaphy | lheaphy [at] kent.edu  TREASURER
Lindsay Starkey | lstarke3 [at] kent.edu  SECRETARY

II: SOCIAL SCIENCES | StarkFacSCSC [at] listserv.kent.edu
Katrina Bloch | kbloch [at] kent.edu  CABINET
Patrick Dillon | pdillon2 [at] kent.edu
Mary Gallagher | mngallag [at] kent.edu  

III: SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS | StarkFacSCMth [at] listserv.kent.edu
Bathi Kasturiarachi | akasturi [at] kent.edu  VICE CHAIR
Ran Li | rli3 [at] kent.edu 
Relja Vulanovic | rvulanov [at] kent.edu

IV: LANGUAGE ARTS | StarkFacLA [at] listserv.kent.edu
Jayne Moneysmith | jmoneysm [at] kent.edu
Ann Martinez | amart108 [at] kent.edu  CABINET
Stephen Neaderhiser | sneader1 [at] kent.edu  

V: PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS | StarkFacProfPrg [at] listserv.kent.edu
Lucas Engelhardt | lengelha [at] kent.edu  CHAIR
Victor Berardi | vberardi [at] kent.edu
Chih-ling Liou | cliou [at] kent.edu

VI: NON-TENURE TRACK | Starkfaculty-ntt [at] listserv.kent.edu
Greg Blundell | gblundel [at] kent.edu
Chrissy Kauth | ckauth [at] kent.edu  CABINET
Beth Campbell | bcampbe2 [at] kent.edu