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Writing Center General Information

The Writing Center offers walk-in, by appointment, live chat sessions and eTutoring via email for students in all classes, including those outside of English. Tutors typically assist students with the following writing tasks: 

  • Breaking down complex writing assignments 
  • Brainstorming and narrowing topic and thesis 
  • Planning, gathering, and organizing ideas 
  • Conducting viable research 
  • Drafting and revision 
  • Learning to proofread for specific problem areas 
  • Properly citing research 

The Writing Center is perfect for “point-of-need” consultations as students work through the writing process. Tutors can and do, however, also work with students on an ongoing basis. 

Writing Center tutors are undergraduate Kent State Stark students who have completed a 3-credit, upper division course in tutoring writers. Each tutor is mentored and peer-certified before working with students. Coming from a range of majors, the tutors function as “knowledgeable peers” to less experienced student writers and as collaborative learners to more advanced writers.

Refer a Student to the Writing Center

Complete this online form to encourage students to visit the Writing Center for specialized writing help.

Request Our Services

To request our services, such as a class visit to introduce the Writing Center to your students; a FYE Experience class workshop on the "Standards and Expectations of College-Level Writing"; one of our class workshops on documentation, revision strategies, etc.; print and complete the request form, returning it to the Writing Center, or you can email us at ksustarkwriting@kent.edu with your request.