Flash's Food Garden

Flash's Food Garden at Kent State Stark is tended to by a group of students who are interested in making a difference in the community by planting and growing a community garden on campus.

Flash's Food Garden and EnviroKents (student organization) give students a hands-on opportunity to tend to different herbs and vegetables, learn about the agricultural industry and local food movements, all while making a difference in the local community. All produce grown by the garden is either distributed to Flash's Food Pantry, Interfaith Campus Preschool or Meals on Wheels, making the fresh produce accessible to the community.

Flash's Food Garden is located behind the Library near the greenhouse and campus pond.

GEOG 32023: Food & Place

The Food & Place class is taught by Dr. Chris Post, professor of geography. The class introduces students to concerns surrounding modern agriculture before exploring creative solutions to some of the most pressing sustainability issues facing our society today. Not only do students get hands-on experience with the campus garden, students learn about the agricultural industry and how local food movements, such as campus and community gardens, can be potential solutions to food shortages. This class is a geography class, however, students in the environmental studies major can use this class as an upper-division social science elective.

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SOC 42560: Sociology of Food

Dr. Katrina Bloch, associate professor of sociology, teaches Sociology of Food every two years. This class incorporates the garden and its mission, and looks at the sociological issues surrounding food access and consumption. Course readings and materials explore the ways in which class, gender, and race/ethnicity affect access to food, what people choose to eat and how they prepare it. Additionally, the class examines how food is produced and the impact that it has on workers and the environment. Lastly, the course looks at the impact that lobbying groups and mass media have on perceptions of food (i.e. healthy, natural, cruelty free) and the resulting consumption patterns.


EnviroKents is a student organization dedicated to improving the community by tending to Flash's Food Garden. Meetings are scheduled to accommodate everyone's availability.