Professors' policies differ regarding make-up and SAS exams so be sure to read your syllabus and speak with your professor about your arrangements prior to taking a test. 


  • present a photo ID
  • know their professor's name
  • read the Testing Center Guidelines if a first-time tester



Fall 2020: Most make-up and SAS testing will be completed remotely. Effective Nov. 30, all testing will be remote through the remainder of the semester. Contact your professor for specific remote testing instructions.

Spring 2021: If you have a technology issue or do not have an environment at home that is conducive to taking an exam, you may schedule an appointment to take the test in the Testing Center. In-person testing will resume Jan. 4, 2021.

Schedule an In-Person Test 
Once you schedule your exam, you will need to reach out to your professor to let them know that you plan to take the test at the Testing Center. They will need to submit your exam to the Testing Center following these procedures.

Contact with questions.