Testing Center Guidelines


  • All students and test candidates must present a valid photo ID for all tests at the time of test administration.
  • Cell phone and smart watch use is NOT permitted in the testing room. These items must be stored. Lockers are provided.
  • If test takers wish to wear a hat or jacket (or similar outer garment), staff must inspect it before the test taker enters the testing room.
  • Test takers must sit where the proctor indicates.
  • NO talking is permitted in the testing lab.
  • Test takers should use the restroom before beginning a test. Breaks are discouraged unless this is an approved accommodation.
  • Test takers must hand tests to a proctor after completing testing. After testing online, test takers must let a proctor know they have finished.

We reserve the right to conduct random checks within the testing room to ensure that no unauthorized materials are accessed during testing.