Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics provides an excellent means for developing strong analytical and critical-thinking skills which are applicable in a wide range of highly rewarding careers from education to industry.

A degree in the mathematical sciences can lead to various careers in education, industry, and government. Because of the skill in reasoning developed by mathematical training, a degree in mathematics is a positive asset when applying for many positions.

Almost all Kent State students have to take at least one mathematics class. If you think that you will not need mathematics in your future career, please reconsider. You will certainly benefit from problem-solving skills and the ability to think logically and express yourself precisely. Numerical and quantitative literacy is indispensable in our modern fast-changing world. Mathematics can give you the professional skills needed to excel in a variety of fields.

Read: The Power of Professor-Student Partnerships by Cameron Gmitra, Actuarial Mathematics, '23

Our full-time and adjunct faculty are devoted to providing our students with the best possible mathematics education. We are a group of experienced instructors, highly qualified to teach a wide variety of classes, from developmental mathematics to senior-level classes for mathematics majors. Computer labs, mathematics software and other modern technology are integral part of our courses.