Parent FAQs

My student is undecided. What are his or her options?

If your student is not 100% sure about what he or she wants to study, that is perfectly fine. College is actually a great place to discover your personal interests and areas of strength.

If your student thinks they might be interested in a particular career, encourage them to find someone in your community who is in that profession and "shadow" them. Many people would be happy to show what a "typical" day on the job is like. Also, have them consider attending a local career fair or talking with their guidance counselor about career options. 

Kent State Tuscarawas offers career exploration services for enrolled students. Students who are undecided on major are encouraged to meet with a Career Counselor during their first or second semester of enrollment.

Read more at:
Work with your student to explore majors and their applicable skills at:

Who will help my student plan a program of study?

When your student is accepted to Kent State University Tuscarawas they are automatically matched up with one of our very experienced advisors who will answer any question and help your student connect with campus resources, schedule classes, choose a career path, and stay on his/her path towards graduation. It’s proven that students who meet with their advisor increase their chances of success in completing an academic degree! As a rule, all freshman, sophomores and juniors are required to meet with an advisor once per semester, and seniors are required to meet with an advisor once per year. Please note that FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) will not allow your student’s advisor to share their academic information unless they have signed a release (see next FAQ for more information). It is important to encourage your student to be their own advocate and reach out to their advisor to schedule appointments and ask questions on their own behalf.

Your student can schedule an Advising appointment and get more information at:

Can I receive copies of my student’s grades?

Your student’s academic, financial, and advising records are protected under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). When your student turns 18, they alone have the right to inspect and review their own educational records, request current or past records, and correct academic information with a university.

Kent State Tuscarawas understands the importance of support systems for student success and encourages parent/guardian involvement. However, for the University to discuss academic information with parents, your student must sign a release form for each individual they wish to allow access. This can be done online through your students FlashLine account.

We ask that your student does not share their FlashLine login with anyone else, including parents/guardians in order to safeguard their password. However, parents/guardians can sign up for KSUview, which provides a way for a student to identify a person as a designee and grant permission for a designee to view selected student information. The parent/guardian will then be given their own login username and password and can access any information that the student elects to share.

more information on KSUview

How safe is campus and who provides campus security?

Kent State Tuscarawas is an extremely safe campus for your student to call their own. Our Annual Security Report can be accessed at: Our most recent report for 2018 shows zero crime reported on campus. There are also many resources for students regarding campus safety. We do have a Tuscarawas Security Office that students can call while on campus. Kent State University Tuscarawas Campus' security is responsible for the protection of life and property, maintaining the peace, and enduring a safe and secure learning environment to our campus community, which includes students, faculty, staff and guests of the university. Additionally, students can subscribe to FlashALERTS, Kent State University’s official emergency text notification system, and anonymously report concerns through the Kent State University Threat Line or through the C.A.R.E. Team

Tuscarawas Campus Security: 330-308-7406
New Philadelphia Police Department: 330-343-4488
For more information on campus safety visit:

Does the campus provide printing services?

Yes! All library computers are connected to printers. Your student will need to load money onto their FlashCard in order to print on campus. This money can be added through their FlashLine account or through one of our machines on campus. We also have ATMs that your student can use to withdraw cash to then put on their FlashCard at the on-campus machines.  Printing costs $.10 for Black and White and $.15 for Color. A double-sided page counts as two pages. Your student will need to have their FlashCard with them to release print jobs from the library printers.

How many clubs and organizations are on campus?

Kent State Tuscarawas offers a total of 21 active clubs on campus! A lot of our majors have clubs or honorary associations, including The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, The Psychology Club, The Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineers, The Education Club, ALPHA DELTA NU – Gamma Sigma Chapter (Nursing honorary) and many more! We also have clubs based on student interests, including the Anime & Pop Culture Club, Ars Mundi Sodalicium (Performing Arts Society), Realms of Roleplay Gaming Club, Vision (Christian Bible Study) just to name a few. Encourage your student to get involved and enrich their college experience! Check out the full list at:

In addition to our clubs, students can also join our University Band and Choir, either for credit or for experience. Students can contact their academic advisor to enroll in the course.

Do you have a health center?

Kent State Tuscarawas does not have a Health Center on campus, but we are very close to two walk-in clinics:

Mercy STATCARE of Tuscarawas County

1031 West High Avenue
New Philadelphia, Ohio


Mon. – Fri. 8AM – 8PM

Sat. & Sun. 9AM – 5PM

Cleveland Clinic – Union Hospital FirstCare Urgent Care

110 Dublin Drive

Dover, OH 44622



Mon.-Fri. 8AM - 8PM

Sat. & Sun. 8AM – 4PM

What are the area hospitals?

There are two hospitals in Tuscarawas County:

Cleveland Clinic – Union Hospital

659 Boulevard Street

Dover, OH 44622


Open 24 Hours

4.8 miles from campus

Trinity Hospital Twin City

819 N 1st Street

Dennison, OH 44621


Open 24 Hours

7.5 miles from campus

Are there jobs available on campus?

We do have some on-campus jobs available for students. Most of our hiring occurs prior to the Fall semester, although students can apply at any point in the year. Students can obtain an application for student employment by visiting the Admissions and Student Services Office in Founders Hall or calling 330-339-3391. All students are welcome to apply whether they are eligible for Federal Work Study or not.

Do you have a tuition payment plan?

If your student does not wish to pay their tuition all at one time, they can opt into a payment plan. The registered student payment plan offers 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 monthly payments for the fall semester and 2, 3, 4 or 5 monthly payments for the spring semester. Students can choose to enroll in a payment plan online by logging into their FlashLine. Please visit the Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center for more information.

Is there a bank on campus? What about an ATM?

The Tuscarawas Campus does not have a bank on campus but does have a PNC Bank ATM located near the bookstore where students can withdraw money for free with a PNC account. If your student does not have a PNC account, they can still withdraw money for a small ATM fee.  There are also national bank chains within driving distance of campus, including Chase Bank and Huntington Bank as well as many local bank locations.

How much money should my student budget for books per semester?

The price of books varies for every class, and the amount your student should budget also depends on how many classes your student is taking per semester. Many classes may require large textbooks similar to those used in high school that can range in price from $100-$200 per book or more. On the other hand, others may require you to buy novels or smaller books that students can purchase for as low as $10 per book. Students have many options when purchasing books from our on-campus bookstore and can rent or purchase them new or used. This allows students to be able to purchase materials that fits their budget. Students can access their book lists online through their FlashLine account. They can also search the bookstore website for specific classes or buy Kent State Tuscarawas gear at

Are counseling/mental health service available at the college?

Starting college can be a stressful time in your student’s life. They are transitioning to more independent living, meeting new people, leaving behind a school system they’ve known for over a decade, and experiencing new challenges. Kent State Tuscarawas wants to help support your student, and there are many resources for struggling students. Kent State Tuscarawas has a 24-hour hotline (330-308-6414) and text line (txt 4hope (44673) to 741741). Additionally, your student can call 330-407-5079 for campus-based mental health counseling. Check out the following links for more information:

Mental Health Screening:
C.A.R.E. Team:
Community/campus resources:

Does Kent State have any kind of academic support services?

The Department of Student Accessibility Services offers many academic support services for students. Should your student struggle in a particular class, they can request a tutor, find online tutoring resources, or attend one of the pre-scheduled group tutoring session in the Academic Learning Commons. All of these options can be found at Additionally, students can request supports by contacting Jenn Greer at for any of the following disabilities:

  • Visual, hearing and speech impairments
  • Specific learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD/SLD
  • Chronic health disorders
  • Psychological disabilities
  • Physiological disorders
  • Temporary disabilities

Some of the services we offer are listed below:

  • Parking
  • Priority class registration
  • Scribe/writer referral
  • Coordination of sign language interpreters
  • Note-taker referral and coordination
  • On-campus assistive equipment
  • Test taking which may include additional time as well as a quiet environment

For more information, visit:

What happens if my student gets in trouble, either on campus or off?

All instances of Academic Dishonesty are handled primary by the Office of the Assistant Dean. Complaints of erratic behavior, harassment, or perceived threats are handled by the C.A.R.E team on our campus.

You can read more about that here:
For more information check out our Admissions Frequently Asked Questions!