Kent Core

The Kent Core is the foundation of the university's mission to prepare students to live in today's complex, global society. It broadens intellectual perspectives, fosters ethical and humanitarian values and prepares students for responsible citizenship and productive careers. Through this learning experience, students develop the intellectual flexibility they need to adapt to an ever-changing world.

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Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is a tool to help students plan their semester by selecting the most optimal schedule based on their academic and personal needs. VSB allows for the selection of several courses within a term and displays different scheduling options based on each section's class meeting information. The generated results will provide scheduling options that are conflict free.



Your Time to Register

Know when you can begin registration. Registering on time keeps you on track to graduation!

FALL          SPRING

There is no entry schedule for summer registration. Registration is available to all eligible students.

GPA Calculator
Course Prerequisite Override Request

This form is a request for a course prerequisite override and is not guaranteed approval. If the request is unable to be processed for any reason, you and the instructor will be notified via Kent State email. If approved, the override will be placed on the system within 48 hours of the request.

It is your responsibility to register for the class. If you have difficulties registering for the class, email or call 330-244-3251.


Course Numbers vs. CRNs

Course numbers and CRNs are not the same thing. Both have five digits but designate different things.

  • Course Numbers identify the course by subject and number. Course numbers stay consistent throughout your degree (except for curriculum updates that occasionally happen). 
    • For example, the course number for General Psychology is PSYC 11762: PSYC (Psychology subject) and 11762 (course number).
    • The course number identifies the department and the course level. Lower-division course numbers begin with a 1 or 2 (freshman- and sophomore-level) while upper-division course numbers begin with a 3 or 4 (junior- and senior-level).
  • CRNs are Course Reference Numbers. CRNs change every semester and are used in FlashLine to allow students to register for classes.
    • Each CRN is different for each section of a course and designates the day/time/instructor, etc., for that semester’s course.
    • CRNs are different for each course offered each semester.