Campus equipment


Stark Campus provides labs for both teaching and public use.


Building Room Lab Type Notes
Fine Arts      
  043 Teaching/Open  
  045A Teaching/Open MAC
  105 Music Lab MAC
  100 Public Lab Mix PC and MAC
  002 Math  
  008 Math  
  009 Math  
Main Hall      
  E101 Open  
  208 Teaching/Open  
  306 Teaching Laptops
  313 CDAG Laptops
Campus Center      
  141 Open Kiosks
  048 Testing  
  048 Testing  
Science and Nursing      
  004 Teaching/Open  
  220 Nursing  

Available Software

Need to use a specific software package for your class? Check out the Available Software page to find out what programs we have installed along with what rooms they are in.


Kent State uses ListServs to distribute emails to large groups of people. To view current ListServ groups, visit the ListServs page.

Wireless Technology

Want to know more about connecting to the Internet wirelessly at the Stark campus? Take a look at the Wireless Technology page.