Wireless Technology

Wireless is available in all buildings and patios!


  • Math Lab, MH 306

    The Math Lab located in Main Hall room 306 has laptops available for class room use. Internet access and printing is provided through the wireless network. The wireless network is ONLY available for the class room laptops and faculty assigned to teach classes in the room. To view a list of software applications available on the laptops for this lab, please refer to Campus Software section.

  • Biology Lab, MH E201

    The Biology Lab is located in the East Wing of Main Hall room E201. The lab is equipped with laptops used for class experiments. The laptops use the wireless network for Internet access and network printing. Wireless access is limited to the class room laptops ONLY. To view a list of software applications available on the laptops for this lab, please refer to Campus Software section.

  • Nursing Lab, RCD 220

    The Nursing Lab located in the Science Building (RCD220) has workstations set up similar to hospital room workstations. The workstations use wireless technology to connect to the Internet and for printing. The wireless network is limited to the lab workstations ONLY. To view a list of software applications available on the workstations for this lab, please refer to Campus Software section.

Loaner and Personal Laptops

  • Laptops are available for students to check out in the Library and Campus Center. These are available for 2-hour periods and connect to the Internet wirelessly throughout the campus. The laptops are also capable of printing to one of the pay-to-print stations in the lower level of the Library or lower level of the Campus Center, be sure to ask when checking out your laptop. Please read the laptop checkout policy. The laptop agreement form must be completed and turned into the Library prior to the first loan of a laptop and only needs to be completed once. To find the hotspots on campus please click on the link at the top of the page to see the best wireless locations. If you are having problems with connecting please email Helpdesk-Stark@kent.edu or call 53490.

How to Log Into the Wireless Network

  • Our wireless network supports both Mac and PC. You can download instructions by clicking on your operating system below. You can also pick up a printed version of these instructions at the Campus Library, Campus Center, and the East Wing Computer Lab. Remember to follow them completely before trying to login to the wireless network.

Wireless Network Security

  • Staff & Student Wireless

    Encrypted wireless network (Flashzone WPA) is available in the East Wing, Library, and Campus Center. This network requires a Flashline login. Data sent over this network is encrypted from the user's laptop to Kent's router.

  • Conference Center Wireless

    This network is open to the clients of the Conference Center at Kent State University at Stark. Data sent over this network is not encrypted. It is recommended that no sensitive data is transmitted over the this network unless other arrangements have been made.

  • Wireless Labs

    Biology Lab MH E201, Math Lab MH 306, and Nursing Lab have wireless access available for the computer equipment in these rooms. Public access in these rooms is NOT available. Network traffic is encrypted using a key and or certificate. For more information about the software available on the computer in these rooms refer to the Campus Software section.