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Respondus Test Creation Software

While you can create assessment questions directly in Blackboard, power users may find that using Respondus software makes the process more efficient.  With Respondus, you can create tests and pools offline, import questions from Word or text files, retrieve tests from Blackboard, print tests, and more.  Respondus integrates with Blackboard Learn for easy uploading and downloading of your tests.

Note: This software is not the same as Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Downloading Respondus

Kent State University offers a campus-wide license for Respondus for faculty use.  All faculty should be enrolled in a Blackboard Learn course named "DOWNLOAD-Respondus-Lockdown Browser" which contains the download instructions and licensing information for Respondus. 

To download Respondus on your work of home computer, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn through FlashLine or directly at
  2. In your list of courses, locate and click on the "DOWNLOAD-Respondus-Lockdown Browser" course under "Courses Where You Are: Student" (this is probably toward the bottom of your course list).
  3. Click the Respondus Download & Help link in the course menu on the left.
  4. Follow the instructions on that page to install and register Respondus on your computer.  The license code for Respondus is listed on this page as well -- you'll need it to register your copy of Respondus each year.

Respondus License Key

The Respondus license key is only good for one year (expires on July 31).  Each year, you will need to enter the new license code to continue using Respondus.  This license code is always available in the "DOWNLOAD-Respondus-Lockdown Browser" course.

Instructions for Using Respondus with Blackboard Learn

For step-by-step instructions on using Respondus with Blackboard Learn at KSU, please view the following documents: