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Kaltura Video Software

Kaltura is a video hosting, sharing, and recording application provided for all Kent State University faculty, staff, and students.  You can log into the system using your FlashLine credentials.  Kaltura is also integrated into Blackboard so you can easily link to your videos in your courses.

Access Kaltura

Go to video.kent.edu

Additional Resources
  • Plan Your Instructional Video
    Before recording instructional videos, take some time to plan, using these best practices as guidance.
  • Download and Install the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder
    Before you can record with Kaltura, you must download and install their desktop recording application.
  • Record a Video with Kaltura CaptureSpace
    Kaltura CaptureSpace is a desktop recording application that allows you to record your own video content via your computer. You can combine multiple source inputs, including audio, webcam(s), screen-recording, and PowerPoint.
  • Upload a Video to Kaltura
    You can upload digital video files of various formats to Kaltura (video.kent.edu) for viewers to stream online.
  • Embed a Kaltura Video in Blackboard
    You can easily embed your Kaltura videos in any Blackboard folder or content area using the Kaltura Mashup within your Blackboard course.
  • Embed a Kaltura Video in a Blackboard Text Editor
    You can embed your Kaltura videos in any Blackboard text editor using the Kaltura Mashup within the text editor.  This allows you and your students to embed videos in Items, Discussion threads, Blog and Journal posts, Wikis, and anywhere else there is a text editor in Blackboard.
  • Create a Kaltura Video Quiz
    You can embed quiz questions within your Kaltura videos using the Video Quiz tool.  These quizzes can be integrated into your Blackboard courses.
  • Embed a Kaltura Video Quiz in Blackboard
    You can embed your Kaltura Videos Quizzes in your Blackboard courses.  This will also integrate the quiz into your Grade Center.

Video Tutorials 

Watch video tutorials

Additional Support

Faculty Support: Katie Baer

Student Support: Stark Helpdesk