Kaltura is a video hosting, sharing, and recording application provided for all Kent State University faculty, staff, and students.  You can log into the system using your FlashLine credentials.  Kaltura is also integrated into Canvas so you can easily link to your videos in your courses.



  • Video tutorials can be found on the Kaltura homepage at video.kent.edu.


  • Download and Install Kaltura Capture
    Before you can record, you must download and install their desktop recording application, Kaltura Capture.
  • Record a Video with Kaltura Capture
    Kaltura Capture is a desktop recording application that allows you to record your own video content via your computer. You can combine multiple source inputs, including audio, webcam(s), and screen-recording.
  • Upload a Video to Kaltura
    You can upload digital video files of various formats to Kaltura (video.kent.edu) for viewers to stream online.
  • Embed a Kaltura Video in the Canvas Rich Content Editor
    You can easily embed your Kaltura videos in your Canvas courses anywhere you have the Rich Content Editor, including in Pages, Assignments, Discussion posts, etc.
  • Embed a Kaltura Video Quiz in Canvas
    You can embed your Kaltura Videos Quizzes in your Canvas courses.  This will also integrate the quiz results into your Canvas gradebook.
  • Change Video Viewing Permissions
    You can adjust the permissions at the video level to select who has access to view your video.  Videos may be set to private or unlisted.
  • View Kaltura Video Analytics
    When you embed Kaltura videos in your Canvas courses using the Kaltura Embed Mashup, you can view analytics to see who has watched your video, number of views, and how much they watched.
  • Machine-Caption Kaltura Videos
    Kaltura REACH uses automated speech recognition (ASR) to recognize words spoken in your video and provide machine-based captions for your video. Kaltura REACH captions are typically 75-85% accurate and can improve over time as the program adapts to learn your voice. Kaltura REACH also provides an editor to revise and improve the accuracy of your video captions. Any instructor can request machine captions; just make sure that you remember to edit the captions for accuracy.

    Please note that any SAS accommodations for captioning will go through the Student Accessibility Offices for professional captioning.