Kaltura (video.kent.edu) is a streaming media site that allows you to upload and share video content. It is available for use by all Kent State University faculty, staff, and students.

1. Navigate to Kaltura

Open your web browser and navigate to video.kent.edu.

2. Log Into Kaltura

Click the Login button in the top right corner and select Login from the drop-down menu.

Login button


3. Enter Flashline Credentials

Type in your Flashline username and password, then click Sign In.


4. Access Media Upload tool

Click the Add New button in the top right of the page, then select Media Upload from the drop-down menu.

Add New Media Upload


5. Select your video file

Click the Choose a File to Upload button, then locate and select your video file through the dialog box that pops up.  You can also drag and drop a video file directly into the browser window.

Kaltura media upload


6. Adjust Video Name and Settings

Type in a name for the video.  You can also include a description and tags (optional).  Then select your desired viewing permissions (Private or Unlisted).  Click Save when you are finished.

Media upload settings


Updated March 2020 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer