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Record Video with Kaltura Capture

Record Video with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a desktop recording application that allows you to record video content via your computer.  You can combine multiple source inputs, including audio, webcam, and screen recording.

In order to record audio, you will need a microphone (built into a laptop or an external USB mic).  If you want to record video of yourself or of a demonstration, you will need a webcam.

1. Launch Kaltura Capture

Launch Kaltura Capture through your web browser by navigating to Kent's video page > Add New > Kaltura Capture (must be logged into the website) or by double-clicking the Kaltura Capture desktop icon.  The first time you launch Kaltura Capture, you must launch it from Kent's video page so that it can link up to your account.

Launch Kaltura from website or desktop

Note: When launching Kaltura Capture through Kent's video page, your web browser will pop up a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to launch the application.  These messages will vary by browser and may look like the screenshot below.

Launch Kaltura dialog box


2. Select recording options

Once the Kaltura Capture software launches, select your recording options.  Click the buttons to toggle the screen recording, webcam, and microphone on and off as needed.  Click the drop-down arrows next to each input to select additional options.

Click the Manage link in the bottom right corner to further customize your recording options, including resolution and system audio.

Kaltura Capture record menu


3. Record

When you are ready to record, click the Record (red circle) button.  Kaltura will count down and then begin recording.

4. Present your content

While recording, you can Pause and resume if needed.  Click the Stop (square) button to end your recording. 

Kaltura pause and stop buttons


5. Save and upload

Type in a title for your recording, with optional description and tags.  Then click the Save and Upload button to upload it to Kent's video page.

Save and upload


6. View recording

Once the recording is uploaded, you can view it on Kent's video page on your My Media page.  You can also embed recordings in Blackboard using the Kaltura mashup feature.


Updated January 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer