Change Kaltura Video Viewing Permissions


By default, videos that are uploaded to via the Kaltura Capture recording application are listed as "private," which means that only you can access them unless you a) embed them in Canvas courses using the Embed Kaltura Media tool or b) change the video permission to "unlisted" and share the URL.  Unlisted videos may be viewed by anyone who has the video URL. 

Alternatively, videos uploaded via the Media Upload option are "unlisted" by default, but can be changed to "private" if desired.

1. Navigate to Kaltura

Open your web browser and navigate to

2. Log Into Kaltura

Click the Login button in the top right corner and select Login from the drop-down menu.

Kaltura login button


3. Enter FlashLine Credentials

Sign in with your FlashLine username and password.

4. Access My Media

Click your name in the menu bar at the top right of the page.  Then select My Media from the drop-down menu.

Kaltura My Media menu button


5. Select Video

All of your videos will be listed on this page.  Click on the video name or thumbnail to open the video page.

Kaltura My Media page


6. Access Publishing Options

Click on the Actions button below the video playback window.  Then select Publish from the drop-down menu.

Kaltura Publish option


7. Select Viewing Permission

Select the viewing permission you wish to enable for the video.  Then click the Save button.

Kaltura Publishing settings
Updated May 2022 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer