Technology Committee

Kent State Stark strongly supports the training of faculty and maintenance of appropriate infrastructure to enable faculty to create instructional materials, use appropriate and effective technology for instruction, and provide an efficient means for students to obtain educational materials.


The Faculty Technology Committee serves to evaluate and advocate appropriate use of technology for instructional purposes on our campus. Responsibilities of this committee include the following.

  • Faculty who desire resources beyond the basic standards available to them may request funds for software, hardware, release time for training, classroom modifications, or any other technology-related educational expense. These proposals will be evaluated by the Faculty Technology Committee, who will make funding recommendations to the assistant dean for academic affairs. The Faculty Technology Committee will develop and make available formal guidelines for these proposals.
  • Given its role as a liaison between faculty, technology staff, and administration, this committee is in a unique position to make well-informed policy and purchase recommendations. When recommendations are made, every effort will be made to anticipate the changing needs of technology.
  • While it is not the purpose of this committee to solve problems with the implementation of technology, it is appropriate for this committee to serve as a faculty liaison for any continuing problems when resolution through normal channels has been unsuccessful.
  • Occasionally, the committee may be requested to consult on curricular issues involving technology.


The purpose of these guidelines is to provide faculty the opportunity to obtain resources for teaching purposes beyond the basic standards currently available to them. Funds may be requested for software, hardware, release time for training, development, classroom modifications, or any other technology-related educational expense. All faculty members at Kent State Stark are eligible to submit proposals as either individuals, departments, or in any other combination. Technology requests may be submitted at any time during the fall or spring academic terms, and may be for any amount.

Technology requests will not be considered unless a justification for these requests is submitted with the proposal. In general, the justification should be proportional to the funds requested. When appropriate, the Faculty Technology Committee may request additional information from the individual(s) requesting funds or from other individuals. For larger or more complex proposals, the committee may ask to meet with the individual(s) submitting the request.


Proposals will be evaluated by the Faculty Technology Committee based on their potential educational impact and cost. Proposals for trial implementation of novel educational approaches with the potential to impact multiple disciplines are strongly encouraged.

It should be noted that, while the Faculty Technology Committee may recommend funding of proposals, this committee does not have the authority to provide any funds. This committee will make its recommendations to the assistant dean for academic affairs. While no formal appeals process is established for proposals that are not recommended for funding, individuals still have the right to request funds directly from either the campus dean or the assistant dean for academic affairs.


While it is required that sufficient justification be provided with all technology requests, given the potentially diverse nature of these requests, there are no specific guidelines that must be followed. However, the answering the following questions may prove useful to yourself in writing this proposal and to the committee during their evaluation.

  • Why would implementation of this technology benefit students?
  • Does implementation of this technology in the manner proposed have any documented benefits? (Has it been shown to work at Kent or other universities)?
  • What course(s) will use this technology?
  • How many students will be using the technology?
  • How frequently will the technology be used? (Be as specific as possible).
  • Will the technology be used every semester?
  • Can it be shared with other classes, students?
  • Are you already familiar with the technology?


Faculty are encouraged to consult the committee for feedback on any questions they may have before submitting their proposals.


Response times for implementation of these requests will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the request. It is important that adequate lead time be given to allow for the multiple steps required for committee recommendation, campus dean and possibly university approval, obtaining bids (if required), purchasing and installation. If the committee recognizes that it is unlikely that you will be able to have the requested item(s) by the deadline for implementation indicated, you will be asked if you are still be interested in having the committee evaluate your proposal. 


Faculty normally receive new computers (desktops or laptops) on an approximately 4-year cycle. Purchase of these computers is generally done once a year. Faculty wishing to 'trade-in' their desktop computer for a laptop need to fill out a form (the announcement for this typically occurs near the start of the fall semester). Requests for computers that fall outside of these normal guidelines will be accepted, but justification needs to include an explanation for why you need to be 'upgraded' early.