Video Presentations

2020 Virtual Student Conference
Video Presentations

Toni Boling
May 4th Music Video


Abstract: This will be a video that shows the escalation of tension that was rising among young people in the late 1960’s that resulted in the deadly shootings at Kent State on May 4th, 1970. The video plans to use the songs ‘Volunteers’ by Jefferson Airplane, the live version from Woodstock of ‘I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die-Rag’ by Country Joe McDonald, and a live version of ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’ by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. In this video I want to use footage from the era that shows the increased influence of the counterculture and the escalation of protests and unrest among young people that eventually exploded into the violent confrontation at Kent State that ended with the killings of four students by the National Guard.

Toni Boling is a senior at Kent State Stark majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Geography. She plans on continuing on to grad school after her bachelor’s degree and then hopes to work for the National Parks and eventually travel and write about environmental issues. Toni loves the outdoors and dabbling in creative projects. She has also been working with Dr. Hamilton since 2015 doing original research and presenting at local student conferences and has recently joined the new Environmental Studies group on campus, EnviroKent.

Zac Cino, Sydney Hutmacher and Grant Nadler
Vietnam Virtual Voyage


Abstract: We have decided to create a virtual voyage of the beautiful country of Vietnam. This will provide the public with an understanding of the culture, landscape, and history of the country. The voyage will contain sites across Vietnam and will recreate the true excitement of studying abroad, from the safety of your home. We will focus on the sites that Kent state students were going to explore this past spring break. The topics that we will discuss include the Vietnam war, its effects on Vietnam and how the country has undergone a period of reconstruction since 1975.

Zac Cino is a senior studying Information Technology with a concentration in Application Development. He is involved in many things on campus including Conversation Partners, the Honors Program, and a student worker for Network Services. Zac has a passion for travel and has previously been to China and Rwanda on study abroad trips. Outside of school he enjoys basketball and hiking at various parks.

Sydney Hutmacher is an International Relations major. She is in the Honors Program at Kent State Stark and also participates in the Conversation Partner program. She has traveled across the world and hopes to continue exploring the world after graduation.

Grant Nadler weighs in at 174 pounds and is 6 feet tall. He currently majors in Accounting and minors in Philosophy and Economics. He plans to graduate in December 2020. Grant is a big fan of travel and some of his past study abroad experiences include travel to China and Rwanda. He is also active in the campus's Conversation Partners program, Photo Club, and Brainstorm Club.