Adult Services

By arriving here, you're one step closer to achieving your dream of earning a college degree.

Whether you're returning to college after being away for a period of time, or new to college altogether, we want you to know you're not alone. The Office of Student Services is here to help you as you work toward your academic goals.


Feeling a little overwhelmed? You may want to set up a admission appointment with the Office of Admissions. During your appointment you will have the opportunity to find out what programs Kent State University offers, what the admission process entails, how to learn more about financial aid and what services are available to help you get familiar with the campus.


Once you've decided Kent State is right for you, you'll complete your admission application online. We've outlined the admission process in easy steps to help you through the process, but don't be afraid to contact us if you have questions. Keep in mind, if you've ever attended any college or university before, even if you don't think your credits will transfer, you will need to apply as a transfer student.


After you've been admitted, you'll receive instructions on how to get to the next step: registering for classes. Before meeting with an academic advisor, you'll need to complete testing, but don't fret! This is not an entrance exam. Testing simply assess your basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Test results are used by academic advisors to determine proper course placement. After testing, you will then need to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your academic goals and decide on courses.


Funding your education is probably at the top of your to-do list. There are many types of financial aid to help you pay for your education. The Office of Student Financial Aid will gladly meet with you to review the application process and answer your questions. In addition, once you are a student, Kent State Stark offers scholarships that are geared towards our adult student population.