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Student Employment

Being a Kent State Stark student employee means that your education comes first. 

Working on campus offers a student flexibility, convenience and a better understanding of university operations, not to mention experience. At Kent State Stark, there are nearly 100 campus jobs ranging from library desk staff, campus ambassadors, academic tutors, department office assistants, maintenance and grounds crew, bookstore assistants and theater technicians, just to name a few! 

Student Employment Requirements

  • Cumulative college GPA of 2.0 (undergraduate students must maintain GPA of 2.0 or employment will be terminated).

  • Enrolled at least half-time each semester (6 credit hours for undergraduate students).
  • Students must have a processed FAFSA on file for each semester of employment.
  • Students must know and use their FlashLine ID and password.
  • Summer enrollment is not required for summer employment provided the student intends to enroll for the upcoming fall semester.
  • College Credit Plus students are not eligible for student employment at Kent State Stark.
  • Students are ineligible to work as a full or part-time university employee AND as a student employee at the same time.

How to Apply for Student Jobs


  • Complete an application for student employment available in the Student Employment Office
  • Completed applications will be forwarded to the department supervisor for consideration
  • Questions can be directed to Michele Michel at 330-244-3291 or

Kent State Stark's Student Employment Philosophy

  • The university's student employment programs are subject to and will be administered in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and statutes governing employment practices.
  • A student desiring to meet educational expenses through part-time employment should be encouraged and assisted in locating employment opportunities. In addition to being a financial resource, part-time employment can serve as an educational tool to increase the student's job skills and enhance future career opportunities.
  • Employment should complement a student's academic experience.
  • Student employment benefits the student and the university. Statistics report that employment contributes to a large degree whether or not students stay in school. Kent State University recognizes the importance of maintaining a program of employment for students that provides them with financial assistance, work experience and service opportunities. It is the policy of the university to employ students part-time, and not to displace or reduce full-time employment opportunities.