Beyond the Classroom

There's more to the Honors Program than just classroom instruction.

Senior Honors Thesis
The optional senior Honors thesis is a 6-credit hour independent project. It may be a research paper or creative project and is completed under the direction of a faculty member. Examples of previous theses include traditional research papers, film festivals, marketing campaigns and novels.

Doing my senior Honors thesis was probably the most beneficial thing I did during my college career. It allowed me to utilize the skills/knowledge I acquired from my courses, and helped me grow and learn about myself. Completing an Honors thesis is not just an educational achievement, it's a life achievement.
~ Ashley (Meinke) McComb

Annual Student Conference
Each spring, the Honors Program hosts the annual Student Conference, where all Kent State University students have the opportunity to present their senior Honors theses, papers, posters, artwork, music or theatre presentations. Learn more about the annual Student Conference at Kent State Stark.

Study Abroad
The Honors Program encourages students to expand their perspectives by studying abroad, and will assist students in selecting the right opportunity. Learn more about Global Education Inititives at Kent State Stark.