Course Offerings

Courses are an important component of the Honors Program experience. The Honors Program emphasizes small classes, generally limited to 15 students; seminars, interdisciplinary team-taught courses and other engaging learning experiences; and the development of critical reading, discussion and writing skills. 

Kent Core Honors Courses
While the majority of Honors courses can be taken to satisfy Kent Core requirements, Freshman Honors Colloquium I & II is highly recommended for all incoming Honors freshmen. The year-long course is designed to orient students into the Honors Program and stresses exploration, discussion, and communication of ideas expressed in works related to the theme the professor has chosen. The sequence will fulfill the requirements of College Writing I & II. Incoming freshmen who already have AP or PSEO/College Credit Plus English credit are being offered the Humanities Colloquium sequence instead.

Fall 2019 Honors Courses