Environmental Studies

If you are fascinated by the natural world and our role in it, and concerned for its long-term future, Environmental Studies is the right major for you.

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Environmental Studies is among the most popular majors across the country. This major should appeal to undergraduate students who are interested in studying different aspects of the environment, who want to make a difference, who are eager to take on the environmental challenges that face every business, agency and institution, and who seek to be stewards of the earth's natural resources.

This degree will allow you to study different aspects of the environment, it will provide curricular flexibility, and should lead to solid job prospects.

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Environmental Studies - Kent State's Program
Environmental Studies is a social science degree that looks to how humans influence and are influenced by the environment. An environmental studies degree incorporates ways in which traditions of cultures around the world affect the environment. It examines the social and political aspects of how people and natural environment have interacted and continue to interact with one another.

Environmental Science
By contrast, the study of environmental science focuses mostly on the biological and chemical aspects, rather than the social and policy aspects of various environmental issues.