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Faculty Directory

Kent State University Geauga and Regional Academic Center have over 35 full-time faculty and over 120 adjunct faculty. Click on the links below to access information about our faculty, or click on the links on the right for email. Full time faculty are listed below. 

Ahuja, Om, Ph.D. Mathematics oahuja@kent.edu
Bailey, Erin, Ph.D. Biology ebaile10@kent.edu
Clement, Susanne, Ph.D. Geology sclement@kent.edu
Dever, Robin, Ph.D. Education rdever2@kent.edu
Ding, Tang, Ph.D. Chemistry tding@kent.edu
Drugovich, Collette Nursing Technology cdrugovi@kent.edu
Ensminger-Stokes, Dawn Nursing Technology densmin2@kent.edu
Ferguson, Joann Nursing jfergu1@kent.edu
Ginal, Sharon Nursing Technology sginal@kent.edu
Gupta, Sanhita, Ph.D. Biology sgupta7@kent.edu
Hildebrandt, Wendy Nursing Technology whildeb3@kent.edu
Jahangiri, Jay, Ph.D. Mathematics jjahangi@kent.edu
Kananian, Mary Nursing Technology mkanania@kent.edu
Kitsis, Aleksandr Management & Information Systems akitsis@kent.edu
Kratky, Joseph, MS Mathematics jkratky@kent.edu
Landingham, Velvet, Ph.D. Management & Information Systems vweemsl@kent.edu
Lansberry, Kasey, Ph.D. Sociology klansber@kent.edu
Mechenbier, Mahli, JD English mmechenb@kent.edu
Metz, John, MA English jmetz10@kent.edu
Mokros, Molly, MA English mmokros1@kent.edu
Muscatello, Joseph, DBA Business Technology jmuscate@kent.edu
Myers, Kerry Nursing kmyers37@kent.edu
Naji, Josephine, Ph.D. Biology jnaji@kent.edu
Nestor, Sarah English snestor@kent.edu
Owen, Melissa Nursing mowen1@kent.edu
Paternite, Judy, Ph.D. Computer Technology jpaterni@kent.edu
Popescu, Daniela, MD, Ph.D. Biology dpopescu@kent.edu
Prescott, Renate, Ph.D. English rprescot@kent.edu
Puckett, Theresa Nursing tpuckett@kent.edu
Roberts, Betty Nursing brobert9@kent.edu
Sergi, Molly, Ph.D. History msergi@kent.edu
Shaker, Bonnie, Ph.D. English bshaker@kent.edu
Stumpf-Carome, Jeanne Marie, Ph.D. Sociology/Anthropology jstumpfc@kent.edu
Tkacz, Sharon, Ph.D. Psychology stkacz@kent.edu
Wagor, Walter, Ph.D. Psychology wwagor@kent.edu
Wang, Zhiqiang (Molly),  Ph.D. Chemistry zwang3@kent.edu
Zaleski, Kimberly Nursing Technology kzalesk2@kent.edu