Faculty Resources

General Forms and Information

Missing Class

If you are unable to be present to teach any of your classes (for any reason), you must contact the Office of Academic Affairs as soon as possible so that the cancellation of your classes can be posted on campus.

How to Notify Academic Affairs of Your Absence

Email (from your kent.edu email) your absence notifications to the email: GEA-TAC-CLASS-CX@listserv.kent.edu. If you are unable to email, call Geauga at 440-834-4187 or Twinsburg at 330-888-6400. Keep in mind that if you leave a voicemail message, your message may not be retrieved that day.

Report Your Sick Leave in Flashline

It is your responsibility to report your sick leave to Human Resources through FlashLine.

FlashLine > Employee > Dashboard > Leave Reporting

Book Adoption and Insights Portal

Adoption and Insights Portal is the source for researching, adopting, and sharing insights about textbooks and course materials.

Educational Technology Resources

Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center's IT Team offers support for Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, Kaltura, Quality Matters, and general accessibility requirements. 

View the Educational Technology page to view how-to guides on Blackboard, Kaltura, and more.


The CARE Team for Kent State University at Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center exists to gather isolated concerns in one location to be examined as possible patterns of behavior and to coordinate a supportive, positive outreach toward students with concerning behavior when appropriate.

Submit a Care Team Referral 

Early Alert System

Early Alert is a reporting system that allows faculty to identify students who are presenting patterns that may lead to academic difficulty. It helps partner them with other campus resources and professionals in order to provide proactive assistance to students. It is important to send Early Alert notices early in the semester. Faculty can access Early Alerts through Flashline on the Faculty Dashboard page within the Faculty & Advisors category.

Faculty Marketing Requests

The Marketing team is happy to assist Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center faculty members with their social media, website, and graphic design needs. Please share success stories and article leads via this form by selecting "Share an Article Lead or Success Story".  You can make use of the online submission form below to submit your request. Please review the Marketing Policy and Procedures prior to submission.

Submit Marketing Request Form

Regional Campus Logo Access

Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center PowerPoint Template

Technology Help

Contact the Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center's Help Desk via email or call 440-834-3751 (Geauga) or 330-888-6351 (TAC).

An online support request can also be submitted for review.

Room Reservations

Kent State University at Geauga and the Twinsburg Academic Center have several on-campus spaces available for use by student organizations, campus administration, and community groups. Please visit the Room Reservation website to submit your request.

Maintenance Requests

Faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the facility maintenance form for any non-emergency-related maintenance requests.