How-To Guides for FSAID, FAFSA, and Understanding FlashLine

Completing the FAFSA accurately is a key component of your college career. Please see the below documents and videos to help guide you through completing the FAFSA and viewing the financial aid components in FlashLine.


FSA ID:  View the Guide to Completing an FSA ID to understand how to create an FSA ID.  An FSA ID is necessary to complete a FAFSA.  If you are a Dependent Student, your parent will have to create an FSA ID as well.

FAFSA:  The FAFSA can seem complicated, but the application can be navigated easily using the FAFSA How-to Guide.  This document goes over what to expect for Dependent and Independent students and parents who may need to provide their information.


Watch this visual walkthrough of the Tuition and Payments section in FlashLine to get a clearer understanding of this section in FlashLine.  Feel free to pause and play as needed to help guide yourself through the necessary steps you may need.

View highlights of critical areas of the student's Financial Aid tab in FlashLine.  Many times, students can receive much of their information or necessary documents through FlashLine.  This video will help students navigate to those necessary screens to benefit themselves.