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Department of Residence Services

Executive Director's Welcome


On behalf of the entire Department of Residence Services I would like to welcome you to our Residence Services website.

The mission of our department is to create safe and inclusive communities that foster student success. Our mission provides the foundation for the programs, services, and staffing we provide in the residence halls. Nearly 89% of students’ time is spent outside of the classroom; therefore we expect living in the residence halls to complement student learning. To ensure this happens we offer programs and services designed to help students become more independent, clarify their personal goals and values, contribute to their community, experience multiculturalism, challenge ideas, understand emotions, and navigate conflict.

Research shows that students who live on campus do better academically, graduate sooner, and have more interaction with faculty and staff than students who do not; Kent State University is no exception! 

Please explore our website, ask questions, and visit us to learn more.

For campus tour information, please contact the Admissions Office directly at 330-672-2444 or 1-800-988-KENT. If you have questions related to residence hall living, please contact us at 330-672-7000 or 1-800-706-8941.

We look forward to seeing you during your next visit to campus! 

Jill Jenkins
Executive Director, Residence Services
Department of Residence Services