Do you have any triple rooms?

A limited number of triple rooms are offered in Centennial Courts D-F, Johnson Hall, and Stopher Hall. The housing application provides an area to request another individual to be your roommate or suitemate. There is space to request up to three individuals. When filling out your application, you would need to request both of your friends that you wish to live in a triple with in this location. Please provide their last names and Kent State email addresses. Each of your friends will need to also follow this step to ensure all three individuals are placed into the same triple room.

Please note that housing assignments are made on a first come, first served basis. In addition to applying early, it would also be in the students' advantage to apply together. While every effort will be made to honor your request, we cannot guarantee that your request will be filled. Also, in order to be assigned to a triple in Johnson Hall or Stopher Hall all three individuals will need to be members of the Honors College.