I am interested in changing my room assignment. How can I make a change?

Students who lived on campus during the previous spring semester are able to change their room until the end of the contract renewal process on April 1st. This can be done by logging into the contract renewal online system. Once the contract renewal period has ended, returning residents may no longer change their room. If a returning resident still wishes to change rooms, they would need to wait until the room freeze period ends approximately the 15th day of the upcoming semester if space is available.
New incoming students are able to change their preferences, including hall preference, up until the point during the summer when their housing assignment is made.

Once an incoming student's housing assignment is made, changes can no longer be made to the housing application. Housing assignments are made based on the preferences a student indicates on his or her on-line application and room availability. Once a housing assignment is made, students will be able to view their assignment online by logging back into their online application. Summer room changes are not available to incoming students. For any students that wish to make a room change, they would need to wait until approximately the 15th day of the upcoming semester if space is available.

During the academic year, room changes may be requested by visiting your Residence Hall Director or Graduate Assistant during posted office hours. At the start of each semester, space permitting, there is an approximately 15 day room freeze period where no room changes may occur. After this period room changes may occur if approved by your RHD or GA based on room availability.